Home Moving

Our home moving team handles everything from packing to final arrangement at your new house. Whether you have children’s items, garden items or rare collections we take the anxiety out of moving, ensuring your domestic life is not disrupted.

To offer the best moving home services, the company has over 36 staff members with a host of skills in electrical installations (including certified qualified DSTV installers), carpentry, plumbing and house-keeping. the company continues to invest in training to ensure the staff are equipped with emerging trends in the moving industry.

We provide all the necessary packing materials to ensure no damages to your furniture. Our vehicles are custom built for carrying items that need care and safety, they are padded on the inside to minimize damage, and they have lashing rails for tying and fastening the items.

Our Home Moving Service guarantees you the following value adds;

  • DSTV installation & Zuku satellite TV installation.
  • Basic housekeeping.
  • Mounting TVs and various wall hangings.

We offer a special off-peak product for those choosing to move mid-month.